Why Legacy?

Legacy Girls’ College is unique because it is currently the only private girls school in Ghana. But that is not all that makes Legacy unique. It overlooks the serene and striking hilly environs, carpeted in green woodland which offers a perfect ambiance of sobriety, conducive for teaching and learning.

The learning experience of the Legacy Girls’ College student will be enhanced and underpinned by a focus on an overarching framework on the direction of learning, teaching, assessment and staff development by building on contemporary best practices. LGC provides a shared vision to maximize our students’ individual potentials and career opportunities by providing; 

1. Student-centered approach
2. The research informed teaching methods
3. Technology-assisted enhancement of curriculum targets,
4. Innovative curriculum design and delivery,
5. Learner feedback channels and
6. Evaluative frameworks to facilitate the desired formation outcomes.
7. Outcomes and experiences appropriately aligned to rapidly changing demands of the external environment.

The college embraces other school-based strategies and key supporting documents and blueprints. Our core values as a learning community encompass individual personal development alongside subject specialist enhancements with industry-linked learning experiences. The personal development includes the introduction to the teaching of soft skills and entrepreneurial skills alongside the classroom work. The learning, innovation, teaching, and assessment, are part of the strategy to enhance curriculum and to reflect our commitment to excellence.

Listed below are some of the reasons why Legacy Girls' College should be your child's destination.

  • A secluded environment ensuring students are cut off from the distractions associated with big cities and towns.
  • A Curriculum which has a broad acceptance.
  • Excellent teaching facilities and resources.
  • Excellent boarding facilities which offer students a conducive learning environment.
  • Available professionals at students'disposal to assist them study.
  • After school programmes that will further develop students.
  • Competent, experienced and highly motivated teachers.
  • A high level of discipline. A high level of individual support.
  • Small class sizes ie low Student-Teacher Ratio.
  • Availability of Resources (Teaching/Learning Materials) and good facilities.
  • A strong and purposeful leadership as well as good management practices.
  • Respect for and involvement of parents.
  • A focus on the Girl Child and her role in the global village.
  • A focus on Ghana and its role in the global village.
  • Selected patrons of industry and public life will be asked to mentor final year students to guide them with their experience as successful   women and to give them the opportunity of internship in their places of work.