Business Programme

Business education consolidates the structure of your organisation. It ensures intelligent strategic action at every level, and gives individuals the tools and awareness to hone that strategy. Legacy Girls School seeks to train girls in this ever growing subject.

With business education you make world-class expertise an integral part of your organisation. Instead of relying on outside support, you enhance the capabilities of your managers and leaders to address challenges. And by exposing senior people to leading edge-thinking, you ensure your business has the strategic drive to succeed. Legacy Girls School leads the transformation. We empower girls to become independent hardworking women in today's world.

Studying business at this senior high level may lead to higher education in :

        1. Sales.
        2. Financing.
        3. Accounting.
        4. Business Management / Administration.
        5. Economics

Please see Subjects At Glance for detailed description of subjects under the Business Program