Our school’s week programme is designed with a focus on ensuring that all students have an opportunity to access a co-curricular activity. Our girls have an incredibly broad range of interests and skills and the school has provided a fantastic set of clubs to match them. 

These clubs range from; Fitness, Performing art, Home Makers, Eco know, STEAM, Creative Art, School band, Sign Language, Model United Nation, Cadet, Media and Photography and our students are given opportunities to select one from these wide range of clubs every term

The above listed co-curricular activities help our girls to develop soft skills of resilience, confidence, problem solving, leadership, development of both physique, intellect and team work

These skills play an important part in the overall development of our girls and have also proven to have a positive impact on their academic performance. Our termly health walk, Sporty days, Every other Saturday morning aerobics and  Sunday afternoons swimming are all meant to keep our girls fit, develop a skill and also recreate the whole school as a family.