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Legacy Girls’ College serves as an essential educational and motivational stage, ushering and immensely encouraging girls to pursue higher education and bigger dreams. It also provides educational and leadership opportunities for academically gifted girls in Ghana and beyond; the school brings together girls with academic potential, to be nurtured and to be educated in an environment where there are no limits placed on their unique potential as girls and is relevant to their needs as girls and future women leaders in society.

Legacy being a private school, and considering the advantages of a private school, and the limitations of affordability to the ordinary Ghanaian, are determined to offer scholarships to brilliant but needy girls whose parents cannot afford to place them in such an institution.  Legacy has therefore, through the kind sponsorship and donations from some families, individuals and corporates, offer scholarships to some of these girls who have shown traits of determination, strength, resilience and tenacity of purpose despite their backgrounds.

Knowing the challenge of having students from different backgrounds being in the same class, the school offers extended programme for students who need extra support, to ensure a collective progress and advancement.

For all students who wish to apply for scholarship, kindly send your application to the school at and you will be directed on the next course of action to take.

We do realise that there are many girls whose brilliance hasn’t been manifest and nurtured because of the environment or background in which they live in. We wish to give as many of these girls the opportunity to benefit from a good education. We therefore would like to appeal for the support of all well-wishers to achieve this aim. Kindly send donations to the foundation’s bank account given below:


GCB Bank Limited

Account Number: 1801180001698

Martey Tsuru/Spintex Branch


You may also contact the school on 030 396 5533/ 030 397 4226 for more information.