Pastoral care is the number one priority at Legacy Girls College and always has been. As a school, it is treated as integral to every part of education, non-divisible from the rest.

We believed that the success of each girl in the school is dependent on the happiness of each of them and the school has always been in a constant search for the best ways to make this happen.

 Legacy Girls College genuinely has a family atmosphere. The school values each individual, nurtures their talent and supports them in areas in which they need help through pastoral care.

We also empower our students with a sense of independence – they’re in control and responsible for their actions. They are made to believe that their success isn’t determined by friends or future employers but by developing the right attitude, knowing that by determination, they can make it to the top.   This is reflected in every aspect of their school life, from its ethos, the environment for learning, and the way personal development is fostered in both the curriculum and the co-curricular activities they engage in.

Our girls also form strong and supportive friendships and are well disposed to help each other.  This support network is fostered by the school with the use of ‘Big Sister – Little Sister’ mentoring arrangements in the houses.