Legacy Girls’ College (LGC) holds a significant place in Ghana’s educational landscape as the country’s premier all-girls private boarding school for Senior High School students. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan and Mrs. Essie Anno Sackey, the institution has steadily grown into a beacon of academic excellence and empowerment for young women.

The genesis of Legacy Girls’ College traces back to the visionary minds of Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan and Mrs. Essie Anno Sackey, both accomplished academicians and industry stalwarts. Their journey began with a desire to create an institution that transcends mere education, aiming to shape young women into confident, competent and caring leaders in a world still largely dominated by men.


Driven by a mission to empower girls with the tools to navigate a rapidly changing and complex world, Legacy Girls’ College was founded. As mothers and business executives, the founders recognised the transformative potential of an all-girls boarding school, drawing from their own experiences and the challenges they had encountered in secondary school. Thus, Legacy was conceived as a home away from home, where personalised attention, nurturing, and a spirit of determination reign supreme.

Central to Legacy’s philosophy is the belief in the boundless potential of every girl, instilling in them the courage to dream big and the resilience to pursue those dreams relentlessly. The curriculum and boarding environment are meticulously crafted to prepare students for the uncertainties of the 21st century, fostering leadership with integrity and a deep sense of responsibility to humanity.

From its humble beginnings with 23 girls in 2015, Legacy Girls’ College has flourished into a vibrant community of 675 students, with plans for expansion to accommodate up to 700 girls. Bolstered by a dedicated team of 133 staff members, including a teaching faculty of 70 professionals, Legacy continues to set the standard for excellence in female education.

As the founders envision, Legacy Girls’ College serves as more than just an educational institution; it is a dynamic movement empowering young women to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy of positive impact. Welcome to Legacy Girls’ College, where dreams are nurtured, leaders are forged, and legacies are born.